Thursday, November 9, 2017

Amazon, Give me back my inventory

Varus, give me back my legions! Oops! that's a different story...
Amazon, give me back my inventory! I cannot communicate with; it's like I never existed for them.

Yes, I call it outrageous behaviour  on the side of

 Sorry, that was a different story but the moral damage is the same for me
Am I still the owner of my inventory? Of course I am; so, please restore my selling privileges or give me access to my inventory to migrate to a different (better) selling platform like shopify with multiple sales channels.  

You are very expensive anyway Amazon, during selling season you raise your storage and selling rates and your publicity doesn't work (at least for us didn't). I may leave a small part of my inventory on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). But I'm migrating. Give me my inventory back! I am a stroke and brain tumor survivor and the stress of working with is literally killing me.

I created a very small business based on a patented  invention of my own to try to generate some income for my family but the only thing Amazon is generating for me is stress (and I am a high risk person) so bye Amazon! Hello Shopify!   I do not authorize Amazon to dispose of my inventory.
The table of Watts - times (above) may explain why a few customers say that the plate gets "warm and only at the center; Actually HotSmart Plates get real hot, just touch the plate with a finger (carefully)  and you'll know what I mean 

Amazon, give me back access to my inventory (it is worth > $33k).
You want it ? keep it1!  Just deposit the dough in my bank account

Please RT  to help me keep HotSmart Plates on the market.


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