Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Can Amazon deny me their services and steal my inventory?


Now I cannot even buy at Amazon.com


I am sure Jeff Bezos Ignores my situation; a couple of days ago he was meeting with the secretary of defense while his people are abusing the power he delegated on them.


Juan Ramirez
Founder/Owner - HotSmart

From Amazon (supposedly)

Review of Your Amazon Account

        Amazon.com <account-confirmation@amazon.com>
        Today at 6:07 PM



They sent a mail to the above e-mail address to ask me for my e-mail address which is… You guessed it! the same: xxxxxxx@sbcglobal.net
Message body
Your Account     Amazon.com
Message From Customer Service
We apologize for the confusion regarding multiple e-mails you received from Amazon. The e-mail sent to you requesting for documents was from Amazon.

Thanks for clarifying that, I thought it was from the “twiglight zone”
Our request for information does not suggest any wrongdoing on your part. We will use the information only to confirm identity. Your privacy is very important to us.
If we are not able to properly complete this process we are required to suspend account privileges until the matter is resolved.  While we do not wish to cause our customers any unnecessary inconvenience, please understand this is simply an unavoidable requirement.
Please send this information for JUAN J. RAMIREZ to our secure fax line at 1-206-922-5821:
- Complete address

They have it on record but they are double checking, that's OK.
- Copy of unexpired passport  (This is very suspicious, Passport as the first choice?) or other government issued identification (for example, driver’s license)

- The e-mail address registered to your Amazon account   

Please see above, it doesn’t make any sense to ask for my e-mail address by e-mailing precisely to the e-mail address you are requesting    
- Reference ID 1143286371                                                                      
We will send an e-mail within 24 hours confirming receipt. We will convert your fax to a secure electronic image.

Well, that is if you are not hackers posing as Amazon.com. This procedure is highly suspicious to me

Best regards,

Anybody can sign as Amazon.com 

I sent the FAX because they blocked me out of my accounts (both seller and buyer accounts) and they have more than $33,000 worth of my inventory embargoed (they call it "stranded").
My sales have been shut down but I'm pretty sure the storage fees will be charged.

Amazon: I need access to my inventory please!


Please RT  to help me rescue my inventory!
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