Friday, November 3, 2017

My inventory is "stranded" at

Do they think they can steal my inventory by inventing new terminology and asking ME to fix something that was OK in the first place? 

My theory is that there is a mafia inside 
I cannot prove it but where there is corruption things stink
(And the seller performance team stinks)

When I open  my seller's account this is what I see (The notes in red are mine):

My whole inventory is "stranded"?

Stranded as in Robinson Crusoe? (or Tom Hanks?)
Well that is an scary term especially if you get a mail that says that I need to fix my stranded inventory or they (Amazon) may dispose of my inventory and may even charge me for that.
(to be continued)...

Guess what? Now Amazon has blocked me (HotSmart) from my account and about $33,000 worth of my inventory (all of it). 
See below:
(UPDATE 11-08-17) Now I cannot even access my prime account -which is not free- and check my orders (what I buy from Amazon). I think I need a lawyer now. Please get in touch with me Amazon

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  1. I believe there are better ways to resolve this problem but when you block all communications and threaten me to dispose of my inventory and even charging me for that I am very "disappointed"