Friday, November 10, 2017

Seller support at

Seller Support 1
Seller Performance 0

I finally got in touch with human beings at!!!

Yes! the people at selling support are kind, well trained and I bet very well monitored, they are very careful as to what they say but those "Gods" of the Olympus" i.e The seller performance team remain innacessible.  Who the heck they think they are? La Santa Inquisicion?

If Amazon is using this "team" to threaten sellers and keeping them silent I want out!
They shut down HotSmart about 3 weeks ago causing severe damage.

Seller support basically says they (The seller performance team) are studying my account and in the mean time all I can do is wait.

I'm fedup, selling on; everytime they have more and more requirements to sell (It is like studying a masters degree just to sell using their platform). We (sellers) pay dearly for their services. At some point they even wanted us to handle logistics and ship products to different warehouses. Are they crazy?

I like buying but selling is a pain in the neck. All I want now is access to my inventory to take it somewhere else to sell it on another eCommerse platform. Are they going to keep my inventory embargoed during selling season? They say they may dispose of my inventory and might even charge me for that.

My inventory is worth more than $33,000 and I do not authorize Amazon to do anything with it. Except reopen my account so I can access it. I'm definitely migrating out of Amazon. (very likely to shopify).

This may explain why some people say HotSmarts only get warm, Yes, if they own a very small (and maybe old)  microwave oven that could happen.(magnetrons deteriorate with use).

Another customer said that food doesn't stay piping hot for 45 minutes; I never promised or claimed that, Is that a reason to affect the rating of a good product which other people call a blessing?
The sick, the elderly and other people need HotSmarts.

Another one said: "Poorly packed" Well, at FBA they are experts, ...Anyways, I offer a money back guarantee on my products. simply e-mail me and I will authorize a refund, you don't even have to return the plate, but I need the information to take a corrective action. Isn't that enough? Am I not acting in good faith?

Juan J. Ramirez

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