Thursday, November 2, 2017

HotSmart Is Still Waiting For An Answer From Amazon

Update 12/16/17 Amazon unblocked my account and returned my money; now the problem is with twitter which Blocked my @HotSmart account. What  he heck is this? (twitter support is also for all practical purposes inaccessible)

Amazon, will you please Answer me and unblock my accounts or simply release my inventory to sell it somewhere else?*
(You are causing me too much stress and I'm a high risk person, survivor of a stroke and brain tumor, not to mention serious economic losses). Just give me my stuff back, OK?

The seller performance team
The "seller performance team" at must be in an Ivory tower, you cannot get in touch with anybody in that department. They won't give you a phone number and they don't answer e-mails.  WTF (Whisky Tango Foxtrot).
They shut down HotSmart sales. Why? (Hint: False reviews? from customers and pseudo customers, or to protect other products? or both).
(HotSmart Plates are available, insist and reserve, we are migrating to shopify but Amazon has all our inventory and won't release it to me, the legitimate owner).
  • NO, our current model won't keep food piping hot for 45 minutes and I doubt we will produce something like that unless there is a market for such a thing. 

  • Poorly packed? Baloney, at they're experts!

  • Doesn't get hot? Put your nose on the surface of the plate Pinocchio  This is like saying that we sell water which doesn't boil. See picture below for a possible explanation:

At Amazon®  any customer or pseudo-customer can write anything he wants about any product anonymously  and then choose not to receive any communication to try to clarify what the problem was. This is not fair, the rating of your product gets affected forever (Per secula seculorum).

At HotSmart we like and use feedback to improve, as a matter of fact the products we sell now are very different (much better) than the ones we started selling. We're proud to have introduced the first ceramic plates in the world (in history) that keep food from getting cold. Please bear with me, I am getting close to answer Why?  HotSmart® was shut down at From my viewpoint): We disrupted the market, we made obsolete other products and created a new, huge market worldwide  . All companies in the USA rejected my invention because "it was impossible" to make a plate that you microwave for ONE single minute and stays hot for 30 minutes*; on top of that you can handle it with your bare hands "All ceramic gets hot in the microwave oven" they said at world chicken or kitchen or something like that. I proved them wrong.
*In a full size 1200 Watts microwave oven

Is the unreachable "seller performance team" protecting anybody? we have no proof, is it corrupt? Well, it stinks.
I love to buy at Amazon but it is hell to sell on it!
J. Ramirez, HotSmart®

The plates are helping the sick, elderly, alzheimers, cancer people; it is a crime to stop selling them  and you are causing serious economic damage to a disabled person (stroke and brain tumor survivor) that's me, the inventor... Juan J. Ramirez

Still waiting for your answer

  See e-mail below (It looks like rocket science to decide)

Message body

Beautiful, and the next time you send a message, you go back to square one, it will be handled by someone different in India (I'm guessing by their accent, no problem with that, I have a strong Mexican accent) but this new person of course has no idea of your case and of course no authority to resolve anything.

Please RT, 
Help us recover our inventory from Amazon (HotSmarts are not mass produced yet)

Update 11/12/2017  Last night I talked with Steve from FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon); he promised he would report my problem to management on FBA, He seemed to understand my problem very well. Actually I made it very simple for him to understand: If the seller performance team (La santa inquisicion) cannot make a decision in 24 hours, I want to move my inventory out of Amazon warehouses. If you search for HotSmart Plates on Amazon you will find everything but HotSmart Plates (I did lots of work branding my product only for Amazon to steal my brand and re-direct searches to the products they favor?).   


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